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After 5 hrs of wear, I can still smell it (just barely - If I applied alot to begin with), but the dry-down is difficult to describe. I went through bottles of the stuff: it just doesn't have any lasting power.It's really expensive for something that disapears so quickly.The craftsmanship of this fragrance is not to be underestimated: While wearing it, it never disintegrates or veers into white musk territory. Instead, it always retains its bright and sparkly nature.

I'm glad this is part of my collection, but I have to be in the mood to wear it. The smell is very refreshing in the heat, and the wind will blow the aroma about in a very pleasant way that others will react to positively.I imagine this will smell great after a shower and would be good to wear as an everyday scent.So, someone gifted me the 50ml bottle of this and I sprayed it on my arm once and didn't really care for it so I dumped it with my stash.Sillage was medium, and it was relatively long-lasting (4 hours maybe? I think this perfume was a serious missed opportunity by DKNY to make a consistently apple-smelling perfume from top note to bottom. At the shop he was advised to really consider the scent after it is mixed with the skin elements, so as to allow other parts of it to epxress - apart from the apple.Why make a fruity scent smell synthetic and floral/green? This is a perfume of mostly a fruity recipe, which even resembles to a better version of shower foam to my nose and skin, and which I would recommend to very young ladies and only for spring and summer days.

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