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AJ Mendez Brooks, whose name-change followed her marriage to former WWE superstar Phil Brooks (CM Punk), is teaming up with a production company to spin a potential television series out of her bestselling biography Genius, _to make this crazy project happen.

In this case, it's former WWE star AJ Lee that is capitalizing on the trend with a show of her own.She will serve as an executive producer on the untitled project, as well as a writer.With AJ Mendez Brooks looking to bring the biographical story of her career to a new medium, it will be interesting to see how much is said about her career in the WWE, assuming the project gets to that point.And in what seems to be the first official acknowledgment of their relationship, after Friday night’s Smackdown aired an angle featuring Big E.Langston turning face to help CM Punk – AJ Tweeted “Nice work, E.

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