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Money Magazine in 2009 rated Surprise as one of the top 25 places to retire.

Sun City Grand was listed as one of the reasons to retire in Surprise!

When the incident in Tombstone happened, it was barely a blip. Holliday met the four, who drew upon them at once, when a lively fire commenced from the cow-boys against the three citizens. When the smoke of the battle cleared away, it was found that Jim and Frank Mc Loury were gasping in the agonies of death, and Bill Clanton mortally wounded. Earp received a flesh wound in the calf of the leg. The Lowell staff is enthusiastic over the discovery, and nightly observations of the "find" are made.

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Here is the story of the "sanguinary shooting affray" that ran in the Arizona Weekly Star, October 27, 1881:(Special Dispatch to the Star.)TOMBSTONE, October 26.—A sanguinary shooting affray occurred on Fremont Street this afternoon. Earp arrested one of them for disorderly conduct, and was fined and disarmed, in the Justice’s Court. The Sheriff and Marshal Earp and his brother, Morgan, tried to induce them to leave town, but they were thirsty for gore, and refused to be pacified. There is great excitement but no further trouble is anticipated. Morgan Earp, after being wounded and fallen struggled to his feet and continued the fight till he emptied his revolver. Citizens are armed and determined to put down the riotous element at all hazards. In explanation of the position of the new planet, he stated that it was approximately 10 degrees south of Castor, and was very close to the third brightest star in the constellation Gemini, or the Twins. Two minutes later the room which had contained 60 witnesses was empty.The Photo Album and Video Vault display selections of older photos and movies.Sun City Grand by Del Webb certainly lives up to its name!Welcome to Arizona adult chat room at Sexy Adult Chat Rooms.Arizona adult chat is a free chatroom for chatters who want to chat with someone from Arizona. Unlike other online adult chat rooms, chatting in Arizona adult chat room is fun and completely free of charge.

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