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– Android Class In this primarily demonstration session, learn about technology terms, and what they all mean and how they work.

This session will set the foundation for subsequent Android sessions.

There is no cost to attend our programs, however, registration is required for each course you wish to attend.

To register, simply press the "Register Button" next to the course description and complete the registration form.

September 26 Housing for Older Adults: Live Where You Want To Live Where we live is so important to our health and happiness.

To age in place we need to have a good understanding of our housing options.

Participants are welcome to bring their tablets and/or phones to this session.

This session will set the foundation for subsequent Apple sessions.

This program will provide practical information about senior housing options, things to consider as you think about housing, and how to start the conversation.

By making prearrangements with a funeral home, you have the opportunity to make personal and specific selections that meet your wishes.

Most importantly, your loved ones will not be left guessing which type of funeral service you would have wanted.

” - Android Class Tablets are increasingly becoming a convenient tool for seniors to access books and movies, visit websites, take pictures, email, communicate via video, use social media, and more.

This course will help first time users become comfortable using their tablets.

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