Dating sites spam emails

You’re asked almost instantly for your email address and are suddenly inundated with spam. And then use a separate address (as we suggested above) that you can easily cancel if you start to get a lot of spam.

Identity theft is no laughing matter — prevention involves knowing what measures to take and putting those measures into action.

Here are the four most common dating scams and what you can do to avoid them.

Just like face-to-face dating, singles online try to put their best foot forward.

The person pretends to get to know you and like you. Steer clear of any date that asks you to send her money.

At some point “she” asks for money, sometimes in order to come visit you or because someone is ill. Finally, if a person’s emails don’t seem to be following earlier conversations or contradict things that were already said, it could be your “dream date” is using a scripted seduction, copied from a previous target.

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