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A young kid tries to talk to "Mean" Joe Greene by the locker room after a game.Greene is his usual "mean" self until the kid insists Greene has his Coke.After Greene drinks the Coke, he "sweetens" up and offers the kid his jersey, saying, "Hey, Kid...Catch."In what some call the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time, an Olympian runs to save a race of hypnotized humans from their computer overlord.Whose idea was it to try to sell health food to women during the Super Bowl? It's cute because it makes you wonder exactly what sort of regulatory agency oversees dog racing in that state.The only Uncle Jesse that Super Bowl watchers want to see is the one from the Dukes of Hazzard, and he better not be eating yogurt. Chevrolet 2012 -- A young graduate confuses his parents' modest gift with Mr. 2013 -- GM will not advertise in the 2013 Super Bowl. 2013 -- Skechers announced way back in June 2012 that it planned to return to the Super Bowl commercial race of 2013, while also announcing that adorable Mr. Apparently, Skechers thinks it's on to a good thing, and Mr.

Why else would someone go through the trouble of uploading their opinion of the top 10 commercials from the 2012 Super Bowl onto You Tube?

If you remember Uncle Jesse from Full House, then this yogurt will make you want to head-butt him, or something. Quiggly, a French bulldog, has no business running in a greyhound dog race, and yet, with tiny red Skecher Go Run sneakers, Mr.

2013 -- Dannon was a new-comer in 2012, and it might have been a one-time thing. Quiggly wins by a wide enough margin to moonwalk across the finish line, and the kicker is that the owner is Mark Cuban.

After all, these spots only cost .8 million per 30 seconds.

So here's our preview for what to expect in February: 10.

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