Fat granny dating

Finally, in desperation, Dawn suggested we should try eating meat again.

At the same time, we cut out all vegetable oils, except olive oil, and ate lots of lard, beef dripping, butter, cream and full-fat milk.

For years, we gave the NHS every chance to find out what was wrong with us and get us well.

These problems were exacerbated by other health problems caused by our diet.I became leaner, shedding body fat and becoming stronger and fitter. But also furious with the so-called experts who have been peddling this low-fat, high-carbohydrate claptrap for so long that no one thinks to question it.My maternal grandmother would certainly have challenged it.Had a low-fat diet been suggested by a doctor, Gran would have told him to his face that it was all rubbish and that you needed fat to ‘keep the cold out’.Late in her life, I recall her scorning the advice on limiting the consumption of eggs because of concerns about cholesterol.

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