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I opened flower shop and gallery and learned how to make beautiful flower arrangement and that way make my customers happy and satisfied.

When I moved to the USA, I continued to follow my passion but this time in the digital design.

I spent a lot of months researching and learning about new trends in digital design, schools, and boot camps and finally found Designation. Designation is a place where you can learn or improve your UI or UX skills in such a short time frame.

For some people, seven months (twelve weeks virtual, ten weeks in-person and two weeks career phase) could sound as long time, but when you see yourself at the end of the program, you'll be impressed how many things you've learned for that time.

If you've never been part of this field, you get a super focused view of what the startup and tech world is like, and you're usually working just feet away from another boot camp member or a techie or a startup.

Everyone is more than likely excited to talk about what they're doing in 1871. Client phase was my favorite primarily because you apply everything you've learned to real businesses looking for design work.

If you have any questions, or to discuss the course and whether it's right for you, email [email protected] I'm coming from another country with the background in banking and accounting.

Conclusion Designation is a place where I changed my life.

The tools of the UI designer are many, and in this phase, you'll work with all of them.

Learn about layouts, identity, preparing assets and interpreting UX research documents to make killer designs that are not only beautiful, but also intuitive and easy to use.

Interviewers will most likely look for this kind of experience and what you were able to create and learn from these sprints.

- Each cohort is a diverse cast with differing work styles and strengths and weaknesses.

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