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An experience of sexual abuse can produce a particular mind-set, or frame of reference, where sex become viewed in unhelpful negative terms, rather than a positive energy that consenting adults can enjoy.See below for an excellent list compiled by Negotiating and enhancing a sexual relationship with a partner can be a challenge if the partner does not know about the experience of sexual abuse.

This can get in the way of emotional and sexual intimacy with partners.

If the sexual assault has occurred within an emotionally intimate relationship, for example with a trusted adult, then it makes sense that when sex and intimacy come together later in life alarm bells can sound.

An experience of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault can impact on sexual relationships in the following ways: Most men are raised to believe that physical sexual arousal can only occur when there is sexual desire.

Some building blocks for satisfying sexual relationships are: Ever since the kids came along it seemed like we were not as close as we’d been before, especially in the bedroom.

I just thought that things would get better in time, but they’re worse now.

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