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Getting your annual flu shot is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your community.Flu shots are now available at local pharmacies, clinics, doctor’s offices and federally qualified (community) health centers near you.

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In that instant, I knew the feeling’s I had for him were reciprocated.

They can’t take care of themselves and they are going to end up on the street. Sometimes you have to cut a person with mental illness out of your life. I’m telling people to save themselves from the gosh darn Titanic.

Their behavior is destroying our family/relationship. Like many of us I’m related to a lot of mentally ill people. Stop arranging the desk chairs and get on a damn lifeboat.

There are at least a couple of bipolars and likely a schizophrenic or two hiding in the wings. People who won’t get treatment and continue to hurt you are the Titanic.

There have been enough illegal drugs to fuel a Columbian cartel and enough alcohol to float an ark.

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