Miss swan dating game

Emma is now dating Ken, and goes to support the Acafellas show.However, according to Terri, she looks an awful lot at Will during the shows.Once members of the Acafellas begin to quit, Will is dismayed and is convinced that it's over.

She signs up to chaperone with Will to go see the glee club's competition, Vocal Adrenaline.

Ken ultimately breaks up with her on their wedding day because of her feelings for Will and when Will leaves his wife Terri, he and Emma share a kiss.

Their relationship is short-lived and in Season Two, Emma and her new dentist boyfriend Carl Howell marry in Las Vegas.

Emma discusses with Will and Ken the fact Sue Sylvester now has her own segment (Sue's Corner) on one of the local TV news broadcasts.

Emma and Will sit next to each other during the football game and when the team scores a touchdown they embrace in a celebratory hug, then pull away from each other self-consciously. Without revealing her knowledge of Quinn's situation, Emma takes a "special interest" in Finn's future and suggests he apply for a music scholarship.

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