Morgan man dating young woman

Why have we let our gender be tarnished with this lie for so long? When some girls were having sex, I hadn’t even started my period.I might be 31 but marriage, babies and mortgages are not on my radar.” She adds, “But hey, maybe Heather is finally learning to accept that some people are fun!Either that or Heather has different standards for Carole than she has for me.The first guy I properly dated was exactly a year younger than me (we shared the same birthday, I thought it was meant to be) and the last guy I dated was four years younger than me.I recently found out that a musician I have a crush on is 21. However, women dating younger men isn’t weird to me – my dad is younger than my mum, my uncle is way younger than my aunty and my brother is younger than his wife. Me and my best friends have a running joke that we always fancy hot, younger guys (We’ll always have a thing for fresh-faced indie boys, God love ’em). ) and thought I’d increase my age limit to 39 to see if there were any silver foxes about. You could smell the desperation through the phone – it was like they had their mum breathing down their necks asking for grandkids.Partly because the current financial climate doesn’t allow the latter, but also because I enjoy my freelance, nomadic lifestyle.

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The 20-somethings all had way more of a clue than him.

I definitely don’t want Luann pulling a pirate move on me.

LOL.” Sonja defends her cougarish ways, citing that more of the ladies are jumping on board trolling the middle schools for dates with every passing hot flash: “I have no idea why the other women have been teasing me about dating younger men. It’s not an age thing, it’s a situation as Carole would say.

’ It’s the same with platonic friends too – while working in Sri Lanka, my closest friend was nine years younger than me, and it wasn’t a problem.

She was mature for her age and I was immature for my age. There’s also this misconception that older guys are better in bed. Unless you’re dating 16-year-olds (not recommended unless you’re also a teen), chances are the guy you’re sleeping with will have had a fair amount of experience and if your bodies work together, your bodies will work together.

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