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It was scary to be honest and vulnerable but it made me feel a lot more at ease about the situation and things never became a problem. Yes, it can definitely be scary opening up and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, but in the end it’s always worth it.

By being open and honest, you gave your ex-girlfriend the opportunity to approach the situation with more awareness.

Its sad to hear people talk about marriage (relationship) and say its about trust. if your spouse gives you a reason to check emails, text, phone calls. Because it just prove that your feelings were on the dot. I am 19 and started dating my girlfriend 3 years ago, then we took a year off because I broke up with her because I got drunk and slept with somebody else and I just couldn’t do that to her.

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A woman when she in a balance of choosing, ALWAYS,she’s taking advices from her best friend. How she can embracing,kissing,making love and sleeping next to her man,when in the meanwhile she has someone else in her life? Why she doesn’t,just stop the relation with her man and going to her second prince charming.

For all of you that have already checked the cell phone, and that stumbled upon some suspicious text messages or phone calls, I gently say to you wake up. Figure out what’s really going on, and if that twisting feeling won’t go away do not ignore it. I try every day to face things head on like you suggested here, & it has worked wonders in my personal life!

I’m not saying to approach your partner with boxing gloves on, ready to fight. Reply Dan: It’s awesome that you’re starting to face things head on in your life. At the end of the day, your ability to do this all boils down to self-trust & self-worth.

If they just get angry and defensive, that’s cause for concern. If you confront her without evidence she won’t be silly telling the truth , IF,is a guy in her life which she has some certain feelings for him. Everyone trusting in their guts,but if you cannot prove nothing,even if is true,you cannot win in front of her.

The bottom line is that if you approach them from a place of open honesty, you’ll be able to determine a lot based on their reaction. She will keep you in stand-by until she will realize which feelings are more stronger. How they’re sayin: is not what you sayin is what you can prove.

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    I didnt turn to drugs, alcohol or sex to dull the pain.