Ryan seacrest is dating julianne

(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)HOLLYWOOD - APRIL 06: Actor Robin Williams (L) and host Ryan Seacrest speak onstage during the taping of Idol Gives Back held at the Kodak Theatre on April 6, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

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he told CNN that he doesn’t get bothered he’s ‘5’9″ and people call me short’, but more recently here is what he told He was obviously taking a playful jab at his buddy, Simon Cowell, but that is not what we are here about today, also, on his own Twitter he also gave another height, ‘5’8.5″.(Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Wire Image for Evit Ryan Seacrest during Marg Helgenberger and Ryan Seacrest Appear at Late Show with David Letterman - January 13, 2005 at Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, New York, United States.(Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Film Magic)LOS ANGELES - JANUARY 17: American Idol's Ryan Seacrest (L), Randy Jackson and actress Paris Hilton pose at the 'White Hot Winter on Fox' TCA Party at Meson G on January 17, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.You wouldn’t blame him when you hear what the 70 kg star has to say about never going back down that road, ‘ I do remember that feeling of growing up and being a little bit overweight.I also remember at times being teased about it, and because of that it’s still in my brain.

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