Self updating excel graphs

Still another approach is to create a "dynamic range." This approach works well if the data range you are charting is the only data on the worksheet.

Follow these steps: Now the chart updates automatically regardless of where you add information in your data table.

It's important to remember that you enter new data in a contiguous manner.

You can easily create a chart based on a range of data in a worksheet.

Using our earlier sheet, you'll need five dynamic ranges: one for each series and one for the labels.

Instructions for creating the dynamic range for the labels in column A follow.

The key is to define the chart's source data as a dynamic range.

By doing so, the chart will automatically reflect changes and additions to the source data. First, we'll use the table feature, available in Excel 20-you'll be amazed at how simple it is. To do so, simply select the data range and do the following: Now, update the chart by adding values for March and watch the chart update automatically.

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