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Gable ended the relationship once they had finished filming.She felt hurt and betrayed but perhaps, as Judith Balaban Quine said later, Gable was being cruel to be kind: ‘A friend of Gable’s told me that he had been seriously in love with Grace, but had determined that they should part as he believed their age difference would bring them unhappiness’ CALLING CARD: A publicity photo by Paramount photographer Bud Fraker.On Dial M For Murder, she was courted by Ray Milland.She also had a fling with William Holden before receiving a marriage proposal from Bing Crosby.Her beauty is legendary, but Grace Kelly was never handed success because of her looks.In fact, starting out, she dressed dowdily at auditions, while her early photographs were unremarkable.But life in Monaco wasn’t the fairy tale she might have imagined.

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Mary Jo was in the back seat and, while he claimed he was just giving her a lift back to her hotel, it was widely thought that he had picked her up for sex.I suppose I have a certain peace of mind.’ Then, in 1982, she died in a car crash.Nearly 100 million people watched her funeral on TV.Kelly in her role as a big game hunter in Mogambo, filmed in Africa.Largely due to the local water being unsuitable to drink, all the cast, including Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and her visiting husband Frank Sinatra, drank alcohol heavily.

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