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Additionally, some deals took the form of games of chance, and others in the form of pricing games, similar to those used on The Price is Right: The following games were played for a grand prize, such as a car or trip, and almost always involved grocery items.

At certain stages of these games, Hall often offered a sure-thing deal (a prize or cash) to quit before the result was revealed.

Sometimes zonks were legitimate prizes but of a low value such as "Matchbox" cars, wheelbarrows, T-shirts, small food or non-food grocery prizes, etc.

Prizes generally were either a legitimate prize, cash, or a "zonk".

If all of Hall's offers were turned down and the grand prize lost, Hall would usually give the grocery items to the contestant as a consolation prize along with or 0 in cash.

Played every few days, and announced with siren and quick-zoom fanfare, a contestant was chosen by a computer at random based on a number which now appeared on the contestant's tag (1 to 36).

CBS will post information on the show's Twitter address (@letsmakeadeal) days before taping to encourage audience members to carry and win additional cash for carrying such items.

The deals were usually in the form of the following: One memorable incident from a series of fast deals involved Hall offering a woman 0 for every dime she had; she produced a roll of dimes.

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