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While the ship was mostly intact, the namesake Loki and Lego snapped off on impact, but were quickly found nearby.

The spacecraft landed about 50 miles from their launch site in Stratford, WA, which is about 30 minutes north of their original launch site in Moses Lake.

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Seattle Police say more than one man is committing the crimes.

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“We were very lucky because our spacecraft landed right by a huge pile of cow poop, but it didn’t land in it.” Rebecca and Kimberly learned a lot on their trip, according to their project plan binder.On Saturday, a handmade craft rose 78,000 feet to capture the view from the edge of space.The craft, built by two Seattle youngsters, reached speeds of over 100 km/h on its journey over central Washington.“The tall grass hid the spacecraft so well, that we even walked right past it, but thanks to GPS we were able to find it,” Kimberly said in an email to Geek Wire.Rebecca ended up spotting the orange parachute in a cow field and Kimberly, 8, picked it up after climbing over three fences to get there.

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