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Ottolenghi himself is the author of a weekly food-and-recipe column in the and a visually irresistible vegetable cookbook called “Plenty”—proof that an education in aesthetics is never wasted—and, with Sami Tamimi, his Palestinian executive chef and one of the early Ottolenghi partners, the co-author of two other cookbooks, the latest of which, “Jerusalem,” is about the food of their home town and the rich symbiosis of Arab and Jewish culinary traditions that survives in the markets and kitchens of an otherwise fractured city.Ottolenghi calls them a “strong-minded” and resilient people—smart (one grandfather started the mathematics department at Tel Aviv University) and, like him, masters of many trades (one grandmother worked for Mossad, forging documents for the agents who, most famously, captured Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires and delivered him to an Israeli prison).

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Accordingly, there can be no doubt that Richard Grieco is one washed-up celebrity!Grieco's acting career, however, practically ended with the cancellation of show, the time was ripe for a Grieco comeback.It appears as though Grieco may gone under the knife to get some plastic surgery in an effort to revive his floundering acting career as shown in the photos below.The series focused on a squad of squad of young undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other locations where youths congregate.The series was one of the Fox network's more popular shows during the network's early years.

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